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About the Free Photo Upload Network - Who Are We & Why?

Our dream is a world of distributed image storage with no downtime, no companies spying on your data, and no massive cloud leaks – where storage is faster, safer, and cheaper.

We are a small team of developers and we decided in 2016 we were tired of having to pay outrageous prices to store our photos and pictures online.

Fast forward to 2018, with the latest cutting edge technology such as block chain technology, scalable cloud architecture, solid state drives, and extremly low-cost or unlimited bandwidth, we believe it's time to push for free image storage and sharing. 

You may be thinking how do you pay for everything, and are we selling your information to pay for the architecture behind FPU? No, that is 100% false!


We have never, and will never sell anyone's information or images.


Why? because the team behind this network does not want their information sold either, so why would we?! :-( #NoGood

So really how do we fund and pay for our servers, domain, and other administartive costs? Great question. We accept donations via BTC, ETH, Paypal, and just by word of mouth to share this service. We may add some ads to the very bottom of the website or app in 2019, but so far we rely on donations to keep the service running, which really is not expensive with today's tech.

We save bandwidth by using a content manegement service called cloudflare. This network balances out the network traffic around the globe, and blocks melicious code or browsers, so we don't waste resources.

We manage a clean network of images, and don't allow any illegal content or porn so this saves storage space and bandwidth.


We hope others find our project useful like we do, and are able to share photos with friends and family around the world.




Happy uploading and sharing!